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We’ve been designing and manufacturing energy-efficient, performance-engineered lighting products for commercial and residential application for over 20 years. Our products use innovative and emerging technologies to provide livable lighting solutions that meet the latest standards for sustainability in our ever-changing industry.

Our line includes architectural pieces, such as our geometric sconces and universal symbol-bearing Waymarker signs; Eco-downlight LED recessed lighting cans with a variety of aperture sizes and high CRI and CCT ratings; under-cabinet lighting strips, which are easily mountable and low-maintenance; step lights, to highlight key paths indoors and outdoors and make climbing the stairs in dim areas safe; and sleek cylinders with LED illumination sources in a variety of styles that are UL- and CUL-approved for wet locations.

You’ll notice we’ve won honors such as BUILDERNews “Best Products” and the prestigious Green GOOD DESIGN Award several times. That’s due to two converging factors. On a technical front, we allocate the lion’s share of our resources into Research & Development. But it’s not just the science that’s on-point. At the end of the day, we’re also part of the Littman Brands family of lighting, so our design has to meet those exacting standards for aesthetics and quality. The result is environmentally conscious and aesthetically clean lighting products that are modular, moveable, high-performance, low-maintenance, and, when you’re meant to see them, good-looking. It’s system-based lighting, but it’s also creative, and that’s what makes us CSL—Creative Systems Lighting.

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